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As you come into this site, you are probably interested in the project of Music Boxes. Note that not an ordinary, mechanical, recorded with a standard melody, music box, but electrical one with your own favorite song. Please see these home videos of such music boxes.


To create music boxes, there are 3 elements necessary:

  • A wooden box. Mostly, we use wooden boxes from Russian manufacturers – these boxes made from linden, pine, or birch. And they are not covered with any stain or varnish. This allows woodcarvers to use geometric carving for linden boxes for example, and masters of decoupage to decorate boxes to their liking. However, there are some ready wooden boxes that can be used right away.
  • A music module. We use an electronic audio-module working from a rechargeable accumulator of different capacities depending on the desired duration without charge. Any melody, music file, voice recording can be written into this module to play on opening the lid of a box. Moreover, some modules can write more than one music file and play each time a new melody on every opening of the lid, which gives more variety to musical gifts and highlights such boxes compared to other similar souvenirs. A music module can be chosen in the appropriate section.
  • Mounting a music module into a wooden box. This procedure is made manually and takes time up to two weeks. Please take this in mind if your gift such as a music box coincides with a certain date. Home videos of the ready music boxes can be seen here.


All orders are considered individually by email correspondence. The initial request may be submitted in a special form on the page Contacts, or by direct email to


Delivery is paid separately by a buyer. Mostly, all parcels will be sent via the Russian Post. However, some other logistic companies may be considered.