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We manufacture wooden music boxes with your melodies.

You can choose a box at which the audio module with your melody will be mounted. This module is located underneath the lid, thus, it doesn’t occupy useful space of the box. There is a toggle that allows to turn off the module for a short or long period of time. The module is powered by accumulator. It can be re-charged by microUSB-B connector from any phone charger.

Please pay attention that most of introduced boxes are just wooden boxes without any cover. All of them require additional processing to the final stage. However, there are some ready wooden boxes.

Any order is processed through email, all the details are clarified. After that, the final costing of manufacturing is calculated. The average production time is 1 week.

The delivery is from Moscow region.

Audio modules

Completed boxes

These boxes have completely finished appearance. Almost all of them are decorated by the geometric carving. These are not music boxes yet but can become ones very quickly.

Boxes out of birch

Boxes out of birch, not covered. They can be purchased for self-processing, or means of covering may be discussed (like stain, paint, varnish, etc.). Audit module is mounted separately.

Boxes out of linden

Wooden boxes out of linden, not covered and not processed to completion. The best variant for geometric carving. A music module is mounted by demand.

Boxes out of pine

Wooden boxes out of pine. They require cover by stain / paint / varnish. Audio module is mounted by agreement.

Archived boxes

Already realized music boxes are represented here. Music modules with ordered melodies were mounted into these boxes. Video recordings of them sounding can be seen at this page.